Frequently Asked Questions about Technology
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Frequently Asked Questions about Technology

Where can I find installation instructions for the secure browser?

The Secure Browser Installation Manual contains instructiosn for installing the secure browser on computers and tablets that will be used for testing. This manual contains instructions for both individual and network installation options. 

How do I know if I'm technologically ready for the online test administration?

It is recommended that you use the network diagnostic tool at each of your schools to make sure you have enough bandwidth to be able to test the number of students taking a test concurrently. The network disagnostic tool can be found on the practice and training test site under disagnostic tool. 

Ensure that the secure browser is installed on all devices that you want to use for testing. 

It is highly recommended that students take a practice test using the secure browser before the May test window. This allows you to determin whether or not the tests are running without any issues. 

Can tests be administered using virtualization software?

If tests are administered using virtualization software, AIR recommends this software be used in conjunction with a zero client.